The investment world is rapidly changing. You may have heard of certain online portfolio management platforms, known as “Robo-Advisors”, that make professional investment management available to the average investor at a fraction of the typical cost.

In order to enhance our efforts to provide you with quality advice and attentive client service, we have partnered with Justwealth Financial, a leading Canadian robo-advisor, to give you access to their professional investment management services.

There are a number of robo-advisor options available; here are 5 reasons why we choose to partner with Justwealth:

Ease-of-Use: Justwealth uses technology to make the account opening process simple. The entire process is paperless, meaning you can sign-up for a Justwealth account online in as little as 15 minutes.

Investment Sophistication: Justwealth has the industry’s widest range of portfolios, offering 5 portfolio families: Canadian Growth, Global Growth, US Dollar, Income and RESP Target Date. Justwealth also offers tax-efficient portfolios designed for non-registered accounts and tax-loss harvesting. Justwealth’s broad suite of portfolios allows them to service a very wide range of investor preferences and account types.

Experience: The team at Justwealth has previously managed tens of billions of dollars for Canadian investors.

Support: Do not assume that the word “robo” means that you won’t receive personal service. The Justwealth team is very hands-on and I will collaborate with them to provide exceptional client service.

Low Fees (*): Justwealth uses low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and charges a fee of just 0.40% to manage your account. This reduction in fees has the potential to save you thousands of dollars over a lifetime of investing as compared to traditional funds that may charge fees as high as 2.00% or more. I will also collect a fee to continue providing financial planning and support to you. While the cost of investing may go down, you will continue to receive the high-quality service that you are used to.

Enrolling in a Justwealth account is easy. Simply click on the link.

Once you click on the link you will be taken through an easy account set-up process to gain access to all of Justwealth’s investment services. (***)